Preserve the Tiger is a clothing company on a mission to preserve wild tigers worldwide.

The idea behind PTT is “Saving Tigers and Looking Good Doing it”. By selling the clothing they raise awareness and money that is donated to a program that funds the conservation of wild tigers. The solution was a logo, website and line of products that connects with stylish, nature-concious people.

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Tailwater Outdoors is the purveyor of stunning handcrafted fishing nets, made for true fishing enthusiasts. The visual identity carries the nostalgic tone of hand made signage and traditional outdoor goods, with muted earth tones and bold rustic wordmark. The minimal design of the website emphasizes product photography to focus on the incredible craftsmanship of the nets themself.

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Benzoyl is a single weight, slab-serif display typeface. It was inspired by the hexagonal diagrams used in chemistry, incorporating a mix of circular and angular forms. It is ideally used in a medical or scientific context, at large sizes, with widely spaced leading.

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